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# #CommonsCamp [<< Version française](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/s/ryZjgnXZm) ## From 22 to 26 August 2018 in Grenoble - France During "the summer university of solidarity and rebel social movements and citizens" https://ue2018.org/ :::info ## For more information * **Short link of this PAD**: https://frama.link/commonscamp2018-en * **List of all PADs**: https://frama.link/commonscamp2018-sommaire * **Mailing-list**: https://frama.link/mail-commonscamp * **Chat**: https://chat.lescommuns.org/channel/commons.camp2018 * **Mail**: uescr-communs@bienscommuns.org ::: :::danger ## To register * Simple entrance: https://ue2018.org/ Check directly with the UESCR for hosting solutions: https://ue2018.org/Hebergement (in French) * As a contributor to the #CommonsCamp: https://frama.link/commonscamp2018-orga (in French) ::: :::info ## Intention The CommonsCamp aims to create a meeting place for French and European activists, commoners and municipalists for the transition based on the commons. in France and Europe. The intention is to offer a place and moments that allow us to develop 3 dimensions: * LEARNING and CONTRIBUTING to the Grenoble'commons and municipalist experiences * SHARE our initiatives for municipalities in France and Europe * ORGANIZE the transition movement based on the commons ::: ## Program :::danger *This program is under co-construction. The outline is drawn for each day, but the workshops/activities will be specified. You can participate in its development, add the desired activities and [let's talk](https://frama.link/commonscamp2018-orga) !* ::: :::warning ### Wednesday 22/08 : Meeting *Getting to know each other and laying the foundations* #### Workshop: Meeting of the Communal Movement / Municipalism / Transition and Territories WHERE: Campus WHEN: 9h30am-4h30pm CONTACT: Frédéric Sultan DOCUMENTATION: ::: :::success ### Thursday 23/08 : the commons *Time to meet and explore the outbuildings* #### Workshop: learning from the commons in Grenoble and contributing to it *This workshop is designed with the Grenoble commoners based on their needs. It is prolonged by times "outside the walls" with the inhabitants involved the following days.* WHERE: Campus WHEN : 9h30am-4h30pm CONTACT: David Bodinier DOCUMENTATION: [History of the Assembly of the Commons of Grenoble](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/s/rJZopuJM7#) (In French) #### Workshop: Designing the governance of urban commons: *Common charters, platform, maps and self-management, what lessons do European experiences teach us?* WHERE: Campus WHEN: 9h30am-4h30pm CONTACT: Frédéric Sultan DOCUMENTATION: #### Workshop: [Organizing the Commons (Movement)](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/s/ByvWy9zMX) : *Assemblies and Fabriques, ZAD, networks, tools and platform, what strategies for the commons movement to contribute to the transition?* WHERE: Campus WHEN: 9h30am-4h30pm CONTACT: [DOCUMENTATION](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/s/ByvWy9zMX) (In French & English) #### Workshop: [Meetup Cartography](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/BwIwrAjCAMCcAsBaaEBmT52okB2YEiAJsMCbtNAIYDM6QA==) *Project leaders present their ideas, solutions or needs to a community of cartographers.* WHERE: FabLab of Grenoble WHEN: 6h00pm-11h00pm CONTACT: Yannick Duthe [DOCUMENTATION](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/BwIwrAjCAMCcAsBaaEBmT52okB2YEiAJsMCbtNAIYDM6QA==) (In French) ::: :::warning ### Friday 24/08: Module Municipalism, Transition and Territories *The "municipalist" approaches are multiplying and are supposed to bring concrete and original answers to the challenges faced by the inhabitants. What alternative and common public policies should be promoted as part of a municipalist approach?* WHERE: Campus WHEN: 9h30am-4h30pm CONTACT: Olivier Consolo DOCUMENTATION: ::: :::success ### Saturday 25/08: Right to the city and struggles in working-class neighbourhoods *To build a strategy to implement the Right to the City in working class neighbourhoods.* **[Presentation of the module](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/s/HJOcwVqWX)** (In French) #### Workshop: On the road to active citizenship *Presentation of active citizenship issues and a citizen consultation methodology based on affirmed ethics and the human link.* WHERE: WHEN: morning CONTACT: David Bodinier DOCUMENTATION: #### Workshop: Democracy, citizenship, power to act: what means for what results? *This workshop aims to provide both a theoretical and practical update on the implementation of democratic processes. Different types of applications, such as voting, consultation and associative governance will be addressed in order to highlight the pitfalls to avoid, and successful methods.* WHERE: Campus WHEN: afternoon CONTACT: David Bodinier DOCUMENTATION: ::: :::warning ### Sunday 26/08: The linkage *A time of linkage and projection towards the future between local and national actors wishing to commit themselves together and sustainably so that initiatives prosper.* #### Workshop: Municipalism, Transition, Communes and Territories *organization of the Committee, common principles, distribution of roles, prioritization of actions to be undertaken in a first phase 2018-2020* WHERE: WHEN: morning CONTACT: DOCUMENTATION: #### Workshop: [Digital Synergy](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/CbAMEMCNIFgZgLTAKygIwJgYwJyPFgEwBsC442OxxoyyFQA=) WHERE: WHEN: matin CONTACT: Simon Louvet [DOCUMENTATION](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/CbAMEMCNIFgZgLTAKygIwJgYwJyPFgEwBsC442OxxoyyFQA=) (In French) ::: *** *An event powered by:* ![](/uploads/upload_b4e14dbc9232b863d7a5dfbc428385fc.png) ![](/uploads/upload_f9897a5e92bbbf75afd43d1991965073.png)![](/uploads/upload_64d2bcc32797d3bc74a9c8beb3a3d608.png) *An event supported by:* ![](/uploads/upload_0e5c654a394a2b293d2d1e68a5190904.png) ![](/uploads/upload_c28cf6d78debc44d6c55911ac00c9e29.png)